2019 Living Legacy Garden Donations

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Sonja K Photography_WBW FOOD first night-14.jpg

2019 Living Legacy Garden Donations

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As we celebrate 10 years of Sproutin’ Up, we also look forward to building a “living school” that will last long beyond us. Your gift will go into building or growing something from the ground up, leaving a legacy for those who come behind us. Each donation will serve a unique purpose on the farm and will allow Sproutin’ Up to reach our goal of increasing our earned revenue by providing goods used in H2a products and services at The Botanique Fort Collins.

Every donor will be invited to a Legacy Garden Party (fall 2019) in gratitude for your support.

Herb Garden ($20): Our teens will learn about using the whole plant and what it can be used for in food and at home. Our herb gardens will be a great teaching area of our “living school” experience.

Lavender Mandala ($50): Your gift will provide three lavender plants that will be part of a larger lavender mandala on the property. Our youth will learn the importance of meditation in this area of the farm to reduce stress and anxiety.

Rosebush ($100): The rose trellis is being built as a memory lane in honor of those that have passed. The fragrance of roses are used for healing in our emotional bodies as well as the physical body. Roses are widely considered the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Blueberry Bush ($250): Bushes are used for healthy, clean snacks, making preserves and syrups and a natural barrier around the west side of the property.

Fruit Trees ($500): The trees are a lovely bee habitat, great for regenerating the soil, clean food for the CSA, and practicing our “living school” theory by making preserves to have through the winter months.

Gravel Paths ($5000): The gravel paths are symbolic walkways around the farm to teach the “path” to a connected and healthy lifestyle.

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