First Weeks on the Farm

I recently began working at Sproutin’ Up’s youth-run CSA, and have been working for about two weeks now. Work on the farm is tough, but it’s also worth it. I work with three other people my age, Victor, Noe, and Kenan, and working with each other as “co-workers” helps a ton when you’re bent over planting in the sun all day long. The work we’ve done so far has consisted of pulling out weeds, removing cover-crop, and planting vegetables. We’ve planted peppers, beans, eggplant, tomatoes, and we’re working hard planting many more kinds of vegetables.

Another thing that we are working on this year is “micro-greens.” These are essentially just sprouts from plants, meant to grow very quickly and harvested very early into their maturity. Some of them, like the sunflower sprouts, are very tasty when they are picked fresh.

And from Farmer Anne...

The boys are working so hard and they are exhausted at the end of the day. I know they feel good about their work though because they chatter the whole way home. I'm happy to see sprouts popping out of the soil. The radishes, beets, and lettuce are coming up and so are the snap peas. Although we're a bit out from actually harvesting these, it's exciting after all the hard work.

We've had some trouble with the cover crop we planted in the fall. Unfortunately we didn't do a great job of tilling it in and it grew back - after I had planted seeds! Of course this means I couldn't pull it without disturbing the seeds so instead I cut it down. It doesn't look pretty but it will continue to add nutrients and keep down weeds while also letting the seeds sprout and become strong.

Today we also installed our homemade deer fence. Last year the deer at ALL the tomatoes and I am not letting that happen again. Come out and see it - I think it'll do the job. 

Finally, we're releasing 15,000 ladybugs on the farm this Sunday. We've invited the community to help with the release, paint rocks for our paths, and enjoy lemonade and cookies. Come spend and afternoon with us on the farm.